Instrumentation, Forms & Usage Rates


The following equipment is available for investigator use in the NMR Facility.  Please schedule instrumentation time through Liping Yu at or 335-6610.  You may also check the calendars posted in the facility.

Fully Automated Avance II 800 MHz US2Bruker Avance II 800 MHz

  • 5 mm TCI CryoProbe (1H/D/15N/13C) with Z gradient
  • 5 mm TXI probe (1H/D/15N/13C/D) with Z gradient
  • 5 mm BBO probe (BB-1H/D) with Z gradient
  • 4 RF channels
  • BACS 60 sample changer with barcode reader


Unity Inova 600 MHz Oxford AS600  Bruker Avance NEO 600 MHz  

  • 5 mm QCI-P cryoprobe (1H/D/15N/13C/31P) with Z gradient - coming soon!
  • 5 RF channels


Fully Automated Avance II 500 MHz US2Bruker Avance II 500 MHz

  • 5 mm TXI (1H/D/15N/13C) with Z gradient
  • 5 mm BBO (BB/1H/D) with Z gradient
  • 4 RF channels
  • BACS 60 sample changer with barcode reader



The following forms must be completed and submitted to the NMR Facility prior to beginning a project or using equipment.


Usage Rates*

Without Staff Support With Staff Support
Spectometer Short Term rate
(<24 hours)
Long Term rate
(>24 hours)
Personal Assistance
(additional charge)
Entire Support
Bruker 500 $5/hour $4/hour $25/hour $100/hour
Bruker 600 $6/hour $5/hour $25/hour $120/hour
Bruker 800 $10/hour $8/hour $25/hour $150/hour

*Investigators will be billed for unused time scheduled if appointment is not cancelled 24 hours prior.

Updated 1/2/2019