2014 Carver MRIG Awards

Jack Stapleton, MD

Improving vaccine potency for hepatitis C virus E2 protein

Jack Stapleton, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine

Craig Morita, MD, PhD

Molecular Role of Butyrophilin 3A1 in the Monitoring of Isoprenoid Biosynthesis by Human γδ T Cells: A New Paradigm for Innate T Cell Recognition?

Craig Morita, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

Tina Tootle, PhD

What is Fascin, an actin bundling protein, doing in the nucleus?

Tina Tootle, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Anne Kwitek, PhD

A novel regulator of mitochondrial function causes metabolic syndrome in the LH rat

Anne Kwitek, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Matthew Potthoff, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology