Holloway Award Recipients

The Lewis D. Holloway Award for Research was named for the first director of OCRME. The award recognized faculty for extraordinary achievement in research and innovation conducted under the auspices of the Carver College of Medicine Educational Development Fund.

Brian Wolf, M.D., M.S., Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Learning by Practice: Initial Experience with a Teaching Laboratory

George Bergus, M.D., M.A., Family Medicine

The SOCE: An Alternative Use of Standardized Patients to Evaluate the Clinical Skills of Medical Students

Kelly Sass, M.P.T., Physical Therapy Program

Development and Implementation of the Case-Based Learning I and II Courses in the Physical Therapy Curriculum

Fred Dee, M.D., Pathology

Virtual Slide Box of Histology and Histopathology

Brian Mullan, M.D., Radiology

Understanding the Heart: Cardiac Anatomy Through Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Loreen Herwaldt, M.D., Internal Medicine

Patients' Stories as Portrayed Through Performance Art

Scott A. Vogelgesang, M.D., Internal Medicine

Development of an Instructional Program to Facilitate Teaching Joint/Soft-Tissue Injection and Aspiration

Ambre Olsen, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology

Pelvic Anatomy for Gynecology Residents: Revisiting the Gross Anatomy Lab in Small Groups

Sonya S. Erickson, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology

Computer-Based Cases for Teaching Basic Principles in Obstetrics and Gynecology to Third-Year Medical Students

Donna M. D'Alessandro, M.D., Pediatrics

Morning Report: An Unrecognized Curriculum

Corey Cleland, Ph.D., Physiology and Biophysics

Development and Presentation of Computer-Digitized Video of Neurological Disorders Development of Computer Generated Animations

Kimberly S. Ephgrave, M.D., Surgery

Team-based versus Preceptor-based Assignment of Junior Surgery Students

George V. Lawry, II., M.D., Internal Medicine

Development of an Instructional Videotape to Facilitate Teaching of Screening Examination of the Musculoskeletal System

Bradley N. Doebbeling, M.D., M.S., Internal Medicine

Development and Validation of a Program to Teach Universal Precautions

Roger G. Kathol, M.D., Psychiatry

Development and Evaluation of Innovative Instructional Programs in Medical Psychiatry "Difficult Diagnostic Decisions

Charles S. Davis, Ph.D., Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health

Modern Methods of Longitudinal Data Analysis

Robert B. Forbes, M.D., Anesthesia

Development and Evaluation of a Clinical Simulation Program for Teaching Fiberoptic Endotracheal Intubation

William E. Erkonen, M.D., Radiology

Normal Gross Anatomy and Diagnostic Imaging

1989 (first year)
Mark L. Wolraich, M.D., Pediatrics

A Pilot Study of the Effects of a Videotape Teaching Program to Teach Second Year Medical Students to Convey Distressful Information