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Computer-Based Exam and Multimedia Development

OCRME offers software development and support to enhance instruction and evaluation in the Carver College of Medicine. Our integrated computer-based testing system combines exam question management and statistical records with a secure delivery platform to provide a stress-free test environment for students. OCRME also provides custom application development for instructional and evaluation needs.

1. ItemBanker (IB) exam question and statistic management application 
ItemBanker exam question management software allows faculty to create, store, and select from a pool of exam questions. When used in combination with the ModuleViewer test administration software, faculty can take advantage of a fully integrated electronic testing environment.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of using IB to manage exam questions.

2. Module Viewer (MV) computer-based testing application 
Module Viewer web-based exam delivery software operates in conjunction with ItemBanker to provide a secure and easy-to-use computer testing environment. MV accommodates several exam question types and provides tools for test takers such as a calculator and normal laboratory values.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of using MV to deliver computer-based exams.

3. Patient Case Simulator (PCS) electronic patient simulation application 
The Patient Case Simulator evaluates student diagnostic reasoning skills by electronically presenting a simulated patient scenario. Based on the patient's chief complaint, students conduct a virtual physical examination, order tests and imaging, create a diagnosis list, and recommend a treatment plan. Students can navigate freely between sections of the simulation, and each section can be customized to show feedback as they proceed.

Click here to log into a practice PCS case and experience the interface. To log in, click "Regular Screen Version," create a username and password, and use "practicecase" for the casecode. (Note: Access is restricted to computers located on the University of Iowa campus.)

4. Iowa Exam Browser (IEB) secure exam delivery application
The Iowa Exam Browser provides a secure environment for exams delivered through internet-based applications like ModuleViewer. The IEB launches as part of the exam login process, and disables instant messaging, screen capture, web browsing, email, and other potentially insecure computer applications during the exam period.

5. Custom Application and Multimedia Development
OCRME can custom build web applications, simulations, learning modules, videos, multimedia experiences and more. To learn more about other technology options to enhance instruction, contact Daniel Johnsen.

Daniel Johnsen
Application / Multimedia Developer