ItemBanker Details

ItemBanker (IB) is an internet-based software application that allows faculty to store and manage exam questions and statistics. IB users can edit, manipulate, and retrieve exam questions based on a variety of criteria. Faculty can also review statistics in order to develop a pool of discriminating questions that reliably evaluate student progress. When used in combination with the ModuleViewer test delivery application, faculty have access to a fully integrated electronic testing environment.

IB provides faculty with a variety of features and advantages, such as:

  • Easy to access. IB is fully internet driven, so users can enter, review, and select exam questions anywhere and anytime through a web browser. 
  • Easy to use. Questions are easy to input, find, and edit. Users can also add references, objectives, and other information to help organize and classify their items.
  • Secure. IB is stored on a secure server and access is limited to approved users, so faculty can be confident that exam questions and other sensitive information is safe.
  • Searchable. Users can search individual fields or use multiple criteria. Search manually or by using queries based on statistics, objectives, taxonomies, and other identifying fields.
  • Statistics. Difficulty and discrimination for each item are automatically calculated after every computer-based exam administered using the Module Viewer exam delivery application. The mean difficulty and discrimination allow faculty to see how items used for multiple exams perform over time.
  • Multiple question types. These include: Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, and "SuperList." SuperList questions are a modified version of Multiple Choice where the list of choices can include hundreds of options; students select their answers by using keywords to search the list.
  • Multimedia file support. Audio, video, graphic, and animation files can be attached to individual questions for clarification and enhancement.
  • Customizable. Exam questions are associated with customized topics and subtopics so faculty can organize their question pool according to their course needs.

ItemBanker is developed and supported by OCRME. To learn more about using IB to manage your exam questions, contact Daniel Johnsen.