Module Viewer Details

Module Viewer (MV) is a web-based software application that provides faculty a secure and easy-to-use exam delivery environment for their students. Using MV to administer exams provides a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Multiple question formats. These include: Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, and "SuperList." SuperList questions are a modified version of Multiple Choice where the list of choices can include hundreds of options; students select their answers by using keywords to search the list.
  • Multimedia compatible. Audio, video, graphic, and animation files can be attached to individual questions for clarification and enhancement.
  • Immediate exam results. Student results are available within minutes of exam completion, and OCRME stores student results indefinitely.
  • Multiple exam settings. These include: secure student login, timed exams, scheduled exams, scrambled question order, and others. Special accommodations students can be timed individually. Faculty may also allow students to see their raw scores immediately.
  • Student tools. Exam takers can be given access to a notes area, simple calculator, and a list of normal laboratory values.

Module Viewer is developed and supported by OCRME. To learn more about delivering your exams using Module Viewer, contact Daniel Johnsen.