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Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation is a field of research and practice that applies rigorous scientific methodologies to determine the efficacy, worth, and effectiveness of a specific program, project, or initiative. Simply put, when somebody says, “We don’t even know if this program works, why do we have it?” a Program Evaluator can determine whether or not it works.

OCRME offers a range of Program Evaluation services and expertise that we adapt to the medical and medical education environments. Some examples of these would be:

  • Assisting the College of Medicine with determining the medical school curriculum effectiveness.
  • Working with researchers to develop an evaluation plan for their grant proposals, particularly for large “Center” grants such as the Institute for Clinical & Translational Science.
  • Conducting evaluations of specific programs or projects such as the Summer Health Professions Education Program.
  • Conducting evaluations of hospital or college initiatives such as the CultureVision implementation, which is a tool to help develop culturally responsive healthcare practice.
  • Developing surveys and other measurement instruments.