The Master's in Medical Education program requires a total of 30 semester hours divided between 24 hours of core courses and 6 hours of electives.  All MME courses are 3 semester hours.

Required Courses   Semester Offered
MED:9701 Instructional Design and Technology Fall
MED:9712 Introduction to Educational Measurement Spring
MED:9711 Teaching Methods in Medical Education Spring
MED:9702 Clinical Teaching
Students who do not do clinical teaching will be
allowed to substitute another course.
MED:9714 Current Issues in Medical Education Summer
MED:9703 Educational Research and Evaluation Fall
MED:9713 Assessment in Medical Education
Intro to Ed Meas is a prerequisite.
MED:9720 Portfolio
Must have completed at least 18 hours of coursework.
Electives Must have approval of advisor.  May include electives offered within
the MME program or other courses offered in relevant fields,
numbered 100 or higher.
At discretion of instructor.
MED:9721 Study in Faculty Development  
MED:9722 Independent Study  
MED:9724 Leadership in Medicine  
MED:9725 Simulation in Medical Education  
MED:9726 Curriculum Development in Medical Education  
MED:9727 Teaching and Assessing Communication Skills in Medical Education