Program Goals

Upon completing the Master in Medical Education program, students will be equipped to: 

  1. Design evidence-based educational programs and materials with appropriate scope, sequence, and focus for intended learners.
  2. Deliver effective instruction to individuals and small or large groups in classroom, laboratory, or clinical settings.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of educational instruction, using both formative and summative methods.
  4. Understand basic principles of educational measurement and apply these principles to health professions education.
  5. Evaluate and choose different assessment methods to promote learning and assess learning progress and outcomes.
  6. Understand basic principles of educational research and be able to interpret and use educational research
  7. Apply fundamental theories, designs, and methods of program evaluation to health professions education.
  8. Identify current issues in health professions education and resources available for monitoring developments in the field.
  9. Develop skills in reflection on past experience (including skills of self-awareness, self-analysis, and self-evaluation) that results in the ability to generate a new perspective or plan of action.
  10. Identify the evolving role of technology in health professions education and research.



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