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Academic Appointments for Community Preceptors

Adjunct Appointment for Community Preceptors

Community physicians that teach and evaluate medical students for core clerkships are required to have an academic appointment with the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM). 

Other medical professionals, including pharmacists, physician assistants, and behavioral therapists, as well as physicians that teach and evaluate medical students in non-core clerkships, are also eligible to apply for an adjunct clinical appointment.

Adjunct clinical appointments (non-salaried) can be requested at any time during the calendar year, and each appointment is for 3 years.

Commencing Academic Rank

An initial appointment is available at one of the following academic ranks:  

Adjunct Clinical Instructor: appropriate for physicians that have been a preceptor for medical students for less than 2 years, or teach for less than 25 hours each year.

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor: appropriate for physicians that have been a preceptor for medical students for more than 2 years, and teach 25 hours or more each year.

Appointment Process

Step 1: Physician submits (by mail or email) application package to College of Medicine via OSCEP:

Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs
2133 Medical Laboratories
​200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City IA 52242-1811
Email: darin-ritchie@uiowa.edu

Step 2: OSCEP checks application meets requirements and forwards to relevant specialty department

Step 3: Department will review application, hold faculty vote, and send applicant a letter of offer (or letter of denial if application does not meet departmental criteria)

Step 4: Applicant signs and returns letter of offer to the department

Step 5: Department formally approves and processes appointment. OSCEP sends the physician a confirmation letter and information on how to access faculty resources

Step 6: Before the expiration of the appointment period, the department will contact the physician and/or clerkship director to confirm if it should be renewed for another 3 year period.

Application Package Requirements

Adjunct Clinical Instructor applications must include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of support from clerkship director*

Adjunct Clinical Assist Professor applications must include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of support from clerkship director*
  • Letter of support from a peer (that is able to comment on the applicants teaching proficiency)

*The clerkship director will send their letter of support directly to the relevant specialty department

Curriculum Vitae minimum requirements:

  • Mailing address
  • Email
  • Education
  • Residency/Fellowship training
  • Practice/Employment History
  • Board Certification and Licensure
  • Hospital privileges (if applicable)
  • Academic appointments
  • Publications and presentations
  • If non-citizen, include copy of visa, permanent resident card

CV Template (word doc) 

Letters of support for Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor rank should include the following information on the applicant:

  • Name of department or specialty to which the appointment is being requested
  • Academic rank that is being sought (Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor)
  • Number of hours physician contributes to teaching each year
  • The types of UI learners being taught (e.g. UI medical students, UI PA students or UI family medicine residents etc)
  • Demonstration of teaching effort, scholarship, education administration effort, and leadership