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Contract Review Service

For nearly 30 years, OSCEP has performed administrative reviews of contracts for residents, fellows, practicing physicians, and mid-level practitioners. Our review focuses on each contract element, identifying issues that need to be addressed before the contract is signed and comparing contract provisions to the standard for the specialty.

Frequently asked questions regarding OSCEP’s contract review service follow:

Why should I have my contract reviewed? 

The contract between a health care provider and his or her prospective future employer sets the tone for the employee-employer relationship. Contracts vary with respect to provisions for compensation, fringe benefits, time off, professional liability insurance, termination of employment, restrictive covenants, and the offering of shareholder/partnership status. A contract review determines whether or not the elements of a contract are reasonable, customary, and competitive.

What does a typical review include? 

A review includes a preliminary critique of the contract by two or more OSCEP staff, a 2-3 hour feedback session with the physician (and the physician’s spouse, if possible), and an advice letter summarizing the key aspects of the contract and specifying issues that need to be addressed.

Will there be a fee for a contract review by OSCEP? 

Yes. Our main goal is to provide assistance and support to physicians as they advance their career. Each contract necessitates at least 15 or more hours of work for our staff, so we do require a fee for our time.

How long does the review take after submitting a contract? 

This service is offered on a time-available basis, with a limited number of slots per month. Therefore, contact our office as soon as you are ready to have your contract reviewed. After the review session, we will send you our summary letter within two weeks.

I have a contract offer from another state, can you still help me? 

Yes. OSCEP reviews physician agreements from any state.

Who do I contact to have my contract reviewed? 

If you are interested in the contact review service, please call (319) 335-8618 or e-mail oscep@uiowa.edu.