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Data and Reports

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Iowa Tracking System Advisory Committee Meeting Booklets

OSCEP annually reports to each respective Iowa Tracking System Advisory Committee benchmarks, geographic distributions, access summaries, trends, and comparisons.  Reports are based on year-end benchmark data.

2021 Reports:

2021 Iowa Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Tracking System Annual Report

2021 Iowa Dentist Tracking System Annual Report 

2021 Iowa Pharmacist Tracking System Annual Report 

2021 Iowa Physician Assistant Tracking System Annual Report

2021 Iowa Physician Supply Annual Report 

Data Products Available For Purchase

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Health Professions:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists

Available Data Fields:

  • Name
  • Degree
  • Office Address
  • Office Phone
  • County
  • Professional Activity
  • Practice Arrangement
  • Specialty
  • Specialty Certifications
  • Medical/Health Education Information
  • Graduation Year
  • Postgraduate Training Information
  • Gender
  • Age


Mailing List

1-1000 $0.30/name
1001+ $0.20/name 

(Minimum order $150.00)


$150 (additional copies @ $35 each)
Can be sorted highlighting the information most important to you (alpha, county/community, specialty)


Price varies
Complete current information.  Data can be arranged by geographic area or professional information


Price varies
Relevant data for tracking trends in Iowa health care.  This is our area of expertise.  Research projects, planning efforts, random sample selection.