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The Iowa Health Professions Tracking Center

The Iowa Health Professions Tracking Center, operated by OSCEP, maintains continuous inventories of Iowa's major health professions:

  • physicians 
  • pharmacists
  • dentists
  • physician assistants
  • advanced registered nurse practitioners

Established in 1977, the Iowa Physician Information System served as the model for the creation of the other health professions tracking systems. In 1994, the Iowa General Assembly approved the Primary Care Initiative, a state supported program designed to augment the state’s efforts to produce primary care doctors. In FY 1995, the Primary Care Initiative was expanded and part of the funds were designated for the purpose of establishing and operating the Iowa Health Professions Inventory, a database for continuous tracking of Iowa’s health professions workforce.

Theresa Dunkin
Division Director

The Iowa Health Professions Inventory (IHPI)

The Iowa Health Professions Inventory, contains demographic, educational, and professional information for over 11, 000 actively practicing Iowa health care providers. The inventory characterizes the health care workforce (e.g., age, gender, and worksite), monitors trends, and facilitates research on the state’s health care workforce. Its benchmarking capacity enables users to track changes in supply and geographic distribution over time. The tracking system is monitored and updated on a continuous basis, incorporating changes in the workforce due to deaths, retirements, relocations, and new practitioners entering practice.

IHPI enables users to chart specific trends, forecast changes in the state’s health professions workforce, characterize the workforce demographically and gauge the return on the state’s investments in health professions education. 

Advisory committees for pharmacists, dentists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and physician assistants were established to guide the development of their respective health professions tracking system. The advisory committees were essential to the initial design and development of the tracking systems. They continue to play an important role in reviewing the data and supporting the user guidelines and policies.

Iowa Tracking System Advisory Committee Members

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners Tracking System

Laura Hudson, MSN, RN
Associate Director, CE/Workforce
Iowa Board of Nursing

Lorinda Inman, MSN, RN
Chair, Iowa Nurses Foundation
Iowa Nurses Association

Director of Faculty Practice
University of Iowa College of Nursing
Director of Advanced Practice Providers
The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Jimmy Reyes, DNP, AGNP, RN
Associate Director of Practice and Education
Iowa Board of Nursing

Kathy Weinberg, MSN, RN
Executive Director
Iowa Board of Nursing

Kendra Williams-Perez, EdD, RN, CNE
Professor and Dean
Allen College of Nursing

Dentist Tracking System

Clark Stanford, DDS
University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Galen Schneider, DDS, Ph D., FACP
Executive Associate Dean
University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Susan McKernan, DMD, M.S., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Preventive and Community Dentistry
University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Tiffany Allison
Executive Director
Iowa Board of Dental Examiners

Laurie Traetow
Executive Director
Iowa Dental Association

Physician Assistant Tracking System

David Asprey, PhD, PA-C
Chair & DEO, Physician Assistant Studies & Services
University of Iowa

Melissa Gentry, PA-C
Board Member
Iowa Board of Physician Assistants

Kerry Humes, MD
Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies
St. Ambrose University   

Tina Patterson, PA-C
Representative, Iowa Physician Assistant Society

Holland Taylor, MSPAS, PA-C
Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies
Des Moines University

Natalie Weber, PA-C, MSPAS
Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies
University of Dubuque  

Pharmacist Tracking System

Michael Andreski, RPh, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Jay D. Currie, BS Pharm, PharmD, FCCP, FAPhA
Clinical Professor, Applied Clinical Sciences
Chair, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science
University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

 Barbara Kelley, BBA, BA
Strategic Communications Director
University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

Emmeline Paintsil PharmD, MSLD, BCPS
Director of Professional Affairs
Iowa Pharmacy Association

Susan S. Vos, PharmD, FAPhA
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science
University of Iowa College of Pharmacy             

Therese (Terry) Witkowski
Executive Officer
Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners