Advanced Placement Policy

The University of Iowa PA Program’s curriculum is administered in a sequential fashion with each subsequent semester of coursework building upon the previous one. Consequently, the program does not routinely consider applicants for advanced placement.

Applicants are not considered for advanced placement unless they have successfully completed a University of Iowa, College of Medicine course that is identical to those taken in the University of Iowa PA Program. Individuals who have previously completed courses that are a part of the PA Program's current curriculum may request advanced placement for these individual courses. Applicants will not be considered for advanced placement if the course work being considered for advanced placement is more than 5 years old from the time the student would enroll in the PA Program.

Individual’s requesting consideration for advanced placement must complete all traditional application materials utilized by the PA Program. The Admissions Committee will make an independent determination regarding the invitation for an interview and will render the final decision regarding admission status. The Promotions Committee will consider and act upon all requests for advanced placement of any individual selected for admission to the program who has requested advanced placement. The Promotions Committee may request additional information in making a determination regarding a request for advanced placement. Additional assessment techniques may be utilized in assessing the appropriate level of advanced standing for candidates. The Promotions Committee may accept or reject all or any portion of a request for advanced placement. Individuals requesting advanced placement will be enrolled in the program in a manner that will serve to synchronize the student with one of the currently enrolled classes.

The PA program does not provide advanced placement or credit for individuals based upon experiential learning.