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Postdoctoral Trainees

Name Faculty Research Project
Abou Alaiwa, Mahmoud Welsh Airway epithelial cell biology and airway host-defense mechanisms
Ahmed, Rhaeel Welsh Role of ASIC channels in Habeuula function
Bogan, Katrina Welsh Cell signaling by airway cilia
Boudreau, Ryan Davidson Rationale design of miRNAs to decrease off-target effects
Cheng, Congsheng Davidson RNAi-based therapeutics for brain diseases
Dalm, Brian Brennan Mechanisms for analgesia by spinal cord stimulation
Dlouhy, Brian Wemmie Novel strategies for measuring brain pH
Gibbons, David Benson ASICs in heart failure
Gnanasekaran, Aswini Usachev The role of complement systems in nociceptor sensitization and pain signaling
Gong, Weiyi Sluka SCS-induced analgesia ASIC and synoviocyte function
Gu, He Brennan Incision activation of muscle afferents
Hoover, Andrew Welsh Cancer-induced skeletal muscle atrophy
Kahn, Kanza Marcinkiewcz  
Kang, Sinyoung Brennan Mechanisms of pain-induced respiratory suppression after surgery
Kretzer, Kikikipa Herr Integrating non-pharmacological or complementary strategies for enhancing self-management of chronic pain using bio/psycho/social/spiritual framework
Lin, Zhihong Usachev Role of mitochondria in sensory function and pain sensitization
Quintans-Junior, Lucindo Sluka Natural products as analgesics
Reznikov, Leah Welsh Extracellular interactions of ASIC channels
Rossi, Heather Recober Examining the effects of chronic stress on CGRP, facial and migraine-like pain
Shepherd, Andrew Mohapatra Sensory afferent sprouting, upregulation of TPR channels, and chronic pain behaviors associated with prostate cancer bone
Shutov, Leonid Usachev Mechanisms for modulation of TRPV1 activity
St Marie, Barbara Herr Experiences of people living with chronic pain while receiving opioids to manage their pain
Sun, Zhizeng Chen Regulation of leukocyte migration by WD40 proteins
Tang, Xiao Xiao Welsh Pathogenesis of CF airway disease
Tecedor, Luis Davidson Molecular genetics of Batten disease
Tiwari, Ajit Mohapatra Chemokine IL-8/SDF-1a-induced modulation of TRP channels, and nociceptor sensitiziation: A mechanism for chronic pain associated with bone-metastasized prostate cancers
Viljoen, Steven Howard Human motor control systems research
Wattiez, Anne-Sophie Hammond Signal switching as a cellular mechanism for enhancement of opioid effects after injury
Ye, Yuanchao Chen Functions of G proteins in tumor progression