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Predoctoral Trainees

Name Faculty Research Project
Allen, Eric Frey Law Perceived knee instability in knee osteoarthritis
Bobinski, Franciane Sluka Role of the immune system in analgesia and healing effects of exercise
Booker, Stajia Herr Addressing cultural diversity challenges in older African Americans
Chen, Hung-Lin Kitamoto Dietary therapy for neurological phenotypes caused by mutations in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene
Flippo, Kyle Strack Role of mitochondrial fission/fusion in nerve injury pain
Ford, Brianne Herr Pain in older persons in the NH: cultural disparities
Gregory, Nicholas Sluka Central mechanisms involved in the interactions between muscle pain and exercise
Gupte, Raeesa Mohapatra Molecular and cellular mechanisms of chronic pain associated with bone-metastasized prostate cancers
Haedtke, Christine Herr Factors contributing to chronic, non-cardiac pain in HF patients
Hoegger, Mark Welsh The mechanisms of pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis
James, Thomas Mohapatra Mechanisms of cancer pain
Jareczek, Francis Hammond Mechanistic intersection of nicotine and chronic pain
Kreple, Collin Wemmie CO2 evoked panic
Lark, Arianna Kitamoto Mechanisms responsible for starvation-induced sleep suppression
Looft, John Frey Law Modeling localized muscle fatigue for intermittent tasks
Mao, Suifang Welsh Role of Hedgehog signaling in airway epithelia
Mickle, Aaron Mohapatra PTHrP modulation of TRPV1 in pain associated with breast cancer bone metastasis
Petruccelli, Emily Kitamoto GPCR-mediated nongenomic steroid actions in control of alcohol-induced behavior
Petsas-Blodgett, Nicole Rakel Predictors of time to return to work following total knee replacement
Raddant, Anne-Sophie Russo Epigenetic regulation of the CGRP gene in glia
Runne, Caitlin Chen Role and function of FLJ00018
Shah, Viral Welsh Transporters and channels involved in regulation of airway surface liquid pH
Shibley, Deb Rakel Effect of conditioned pain modulation on persistent pain post total knee replacement
Speece, Bethany Herr Experience of fibromyalgia: symptom clusters and pain outcomes
Spengler, Ryan Davidson Understanding functional significance of evolutionary-novel niRNAs and their targets
Taugher, Rebecca Wemmie Identifyingn brain sites of ASIC1a action
Teixeira, Juliana Sluka Purinergic receptors P2X3 and P2X7 are essential to carrageenan-induced articular hyperalgesia by indirect mechanisms
Tye, Annie Russo Stress modulation of light aversive behavior
Warwick, Charles Usachev The role of the complement system in pain processing
Yin, Terry Welsh Mechanisms of cell signaling by motile cilia