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GaugeAdmission to the UI Carver College of Medicine Perfusion Education Program is competitive. Admission is determined by committee and is based on grade point average, references, application essay, and interviews. We typically accept 4-5 students per year with GPAs ranging from 3.2-4.0. 


  • Bachelor's degree
  • 9 semester hours of chemistry including biochemistry or organic
  • 3 semester hours of statistics
  • 5 semester hours of pre-calculus mathematics
  • 4 semester hours of physics
  • 7 semester hours of human anatomy and physiology

Applying to the program

All of  the following be submitted in one application packet by mail.

  • Application form 
  • One page essay describing why you chose perfusion education as a career, what you learned from your perfusion shadowing and why the perfusion program at Iowa is right for you 
  • Prerequisite courses form 
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Official college transcripts - include original official transcripts in sealed envelope(s) from all post high school educational experience.   Include proof of current or future Bachelor's degree.
  • 3 completed applicant references - suggested to have one academic, one personal and one employer reference.  Collect these from each reference and place sealed envelopes in the application packet. Letters of reference may be included but our form is required.
  • Application fee $100 due with application, make check/money order payable to the University of Iowa Perfusion Education Program—do not send cash.
  • Documentation of clinical observation 
    To gain insight into the perfusion profession, we strongly recommend you document having seen at least one cardiopulmonary bypass case. Submit all CBP cases to increase your chances for an interview. If this is not possible, interview a clinical perfusionist and ask about the following: 
  1. Call responsibilities/quality of life
  2. Clinical responsibilities
  3. Unique stressors faced by perfusionists
  4. Job outlook

Be prepared to discuss your shadow experience during the interview process.

The aforementioned items (collected into one packet) mailed to: 

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Perfusion Education Program
200 Hawkins Dr
C43-Z GH
Iowa City, IA  52242-1062 


  • Nov. 1

Interview Dates

  • Interviews are held during the month of January/February.

Acceptance Offers

  • Admission offers occur during February/March.