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Health Information

All entering health science students are required to have proof of immunization against measles, mumps and rubella, tetanus/diphtheria, tuberculin skin test (2-step test), chicken pox (two doses of the vaccine or having had the disease), and the Hepatitis B immunization series. All costs incurred are the student's responsibility. Some clinical sites may require other health requirements such as a physical examination and/or COVID-19 vaccinations/boosters.

In addition, students are required to have hospitalization and health insurance. Many clinical education centers will require the student to show proof of such. A reasonably-priced group insurance plan with provisions for either individuals or families is available through the University. Information on this policy is mailed to all newly admitted students prior to opening of classes and is also available in the University Benefits Office, 120-40 University Services Building, 1 W. Prentiss Street, 319/335-2676, Benefits@uiowa.edu