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Administrative Staff


Carol Leigh, portrait

Carol Leigh 
Administrative Services Manager
Address:  1-251 MEB 
Phone:  (319) 335-9792 
Email:  carol-leigh@uiowa.edu

Kimberly Streeby, portrait

Kimberly Streeby
Administrative Services Coordinator
Address:  1-256 MEB
​Phone:  (319) 384-4735
Email:  kimberly-streeby@uiowa.edu  

Janan Winn, portrait

Janan Winn
Administrative Services Coordinator
Address:  1-252 MEB
​Phone:  (319) 335-9791
Email:  janan-winn@uiowa.edu  

Lena Jaspering
Financial Analyst
Address:  1-256 MEB
​Phone:  (319) 335-6651
Email: lena-jaspering@uiowa.edu

Jason Wu, portrait

Jason Wu, BS, MS 
 Engineer II 
 Address:  1-147 MEB 
 Phone:  (319) 335-9806 
 Email:   jason-wu@uiowa.edu

Laboratory Staff

 Angie Benda, BS
 Research Assistant 
 Neurobiology of Pain Laboratory 
 Email: angie-benda@uiowa.edu  

 Dana Dailey, PT, PhD 
 Assistant Research Scientist 
 Neurobiology of Pain Laboratory 
 Email: dana-dailey@uiowa.edu  

 Molly Pacha, MS, ATC, LAT
 Research Associate
 Human Performance and Clinical Outcomes Laboratory
 Email: molly-pacha@uiowa.edu 

 Lynn Rasmussen, BS 
 Research Associate 
 Neurobiology of Pain Laboratory 
 Email:   lynn-rasmussen@uiowa.edu

Complimentary Staff

 Judy Biderman 
 Email:   judy-biderman@uiowa.edu