Human Performance and Clinical Outcomes


Jason Wilken, PT, PhD



  • 21D Eckstein Medical Research Building, Iowa City, IA 52242
  • 1-152 Medical Education Building, Iowa City, IA 52242
  • Phone: (319) 353-0431
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What We Do

We use reliable and valid evaluation techniques, ranging from simple timed tests to computerized motion analysis, to quantify and improve mobility and quality of life in individuals limited by injury or disease. We seek to advance clinical care by rapidly translating our findings to clinicians who can use the results in their daily practice. 



List of Publications

Our current areas of study include:

  • Carbon fiber custom dynamic orthoses (CDOs)
  • Prevention of post traumatic arthritis
  • Development of novel gait training approaches
  • Orthosis-related care for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
  • Development of innovative methods to assess outcomes in the clinic


Clinical Impact

Medicine Iowa shares the story of Dr. Wilken's work with Dr. Charles Connerly who experienced bilateral amputation due to sepsis. The story highlights how ongoing research on carbon fiber custom dynamic orthoses and collaborative approach can have an impact.  Click here for the story.  


CapabilitiesVicon Camera

Motek M-Gait virtual reality system

  • Dual belt instrumented treadmill
  • 240 degree cylindrical screen (with floor projection)                 

Gait analysis

  • 45’ level ground walkwayVR Display
  • 21’ rocky terrain walkway
  • 24 camera Vicon motion capture system
  • 3 AMTI (AMTI Inc.) force plates
  • 32 channel Delsys Trigno EMG system
  • Novel LoadSol in-shoe force measurement
  • Novel EMED plantar pressure system


  • D-Flow (MotekForcelink)Plantar Flexor Sole
  • Nexus (Vicon)
  • Matlab (Mathworks)
  • Visual 3D (C-Motion Inc.)
  • OpenSim (Simbios)


Physical performance assessment and questionnaires:  A range of non-computerized physical performance assessments, questionnaires, and patient reported outcomes are used to characterize individuals in areas such as physical function, pain, and fear of movement.  These assessments include tests of balance, agility, power, and speed, among others.


Potential Participants:  We are always seeking volunteers to participate in our research. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please email us at