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Meet Adam Takes, BS, RDMS, RVT

Meet Adam Takes, BS, RDMS, RVTAdam Takes

Adam has been working in the Vascular Lab for 2 years now. He graduated from the University of Iowa DMS General/Vascular program in 2018. He also has a BA in Health and Human Physiology from the University of Iowa. Adam states he picked sonography as a career “because I knew I wanted to work in healthcare in some form for a while and after shadowing some sonographers at UIHC I knew it was the right path for me. We get to help a lot of people in our job and I love having that personal relationship with our clinic patients. And honestly, being able to look inside the human body in real time is just so stinkin’ cool. The combination of working with our hands and our minds is incredibly satisfying in my opinion.”

Adam’s favorite exam?

“My favorite exam is probably a hemodialysis AVF duplex when we have no previous record and the surgery was done at an outside hospital. I love going in blind and deciphering what I'm seeing on the screen piece by piece. Sonographers are medical investigators.”

Advice for individuals interested in the sonography field?

“My advice would be to do some shadowing! I think it is the best way to get a sense of if this career is something that you want to do.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2020