Meet Alyssa Bosko, BS, RCDS, RVT | Radiation Sciences Programs

Meet Alyssa Bosko, BS, RCDS, RVT

Meet Alyssa Bosko, BS, RCDS, RVT Alyssa Bosko, BS, RCDS, RVT

To end Ultrasound Awareness Month, please meet Alyssa Bosko!

Alyssa completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa DMS Cardiac/ Vascular program and currently works 50% in the Heart and Vascular Center as a Cardiac Sonographer and the other 50% in Cardiology research. Alyssa has been working at UIHC for three years. Alyssa states she picked sonography as a career “because I was fascinated with anatomy & physiology and loved how with ultrasound, you could see all of this in action. Not many people can say they are able to take a look at what's going on inside of our bodies every day.”

Alyssa’s favorite exam?

“My favorite exam in Echo are bubble studies. I find them very fascinating to watch and rewarding to figure out if there is a PFO/ASD (otherwise known as an abnormal hole in the heart)”

Advice for individuals interested in the sonography field?

“My advice for anyone considering sonography is to shadow as much as you can. There are many areas in ultrasound and different opportunities. For example, I was able to take my scanning and ultrasound interpretation abilities with me to research. I am now able to see pathology on a microbiology and genetics level, and help look for interventions which can carry over to the clinical side.”


Monday, October 26, 2020