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Radiation Sciences Bachelor of Science Degree paths:

  • On-campus programs: each program is selective, requiring an application and on-campus interview.
    • Diagnostic medical sonography; one of these:
      • general and vascular
      • cardiac and vascular
    • Radiation therapy
    • Radiologic technology
    • Radiologic technology and one of these:
      • breast imaging
      • cardiovascular imaging
      • computed tomography
      • magnetic resonance imaging
    • Nuclear medicine technology
  • Online RT to BS program for registered radiologic technologists and nuclear medicine technologists who would like to earn a degree by distance education.

Radiation sciences professionals work with physicians to gather accurate patient information for diagnosis, treatment, and/or research of disease and injury. They provide direct patient care, produce quality images, and deliver treatment using a variety of radiation sources. The radiation sciences professional must apply knowledge, skill, and mature judgment while operating complex equipment safely and efficiently. Strong communication, organizational, and patient care skills are essential for a successful career in radiation sciences.

The University of Iowa's radiation sciences educational programs are designed to provide students with opportunities for intellectual, professional, and social growth. Students learn with faculty members and instructors who are committed to radiation sciences education.

Radiation sciences is one of two undergraduate majors in the field of medical imaging offered by the Carver College of Medicine. The other undergraduate major in medical imaging is nuclear medicine technology.

On-Campus Programs

Data Summary

Track SubProgram *Prerequisites Professional Program Students Accepted
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)       Up to 20
  DMS Cardiac + Vascular 1 year 3 years  
  DMS General + Vascular 1 year 3 years  
Radiation Therapy   2 years 2 years Up to 8
Radiologic Technology (RT)       Up to 20
  RT 2 years 2 years  
  RT + CT 1 year 3 years  
  RT + MRI 1 year 3 years  
  RT + CVI 1 year 3 years  
  RT + BI 1 year 3 years  
Nuclear Medicine Technology   2 years 2 years Up to 8

*Students are advised for success, based on academic strength, not necessarily for a 4-year plan. Prerequisites may take more than the listed 1 or 2 years to complete.

Student Selection

Meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the on-campus professional program. Top candidates are invited to an on-campus interview.  Each year, the Selection Committee determines the most qualified candidates for acceptance into the program for the fall class.

Admission and Degree Requirements 

Admitted Candidate Information


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