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Cardiovascular Interventional

Cardiovascular Interventional (CVI) distance education courses provide the information outlined in The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Examination Content Specifications for cardiac interventional (CI) and vascular interventional (VI).  It should be noted that those wishing to apply for the ARRT - CI or VI examination must have completed the ARRT Primary Certification in Radiologic Technology and the ARRT clinical experience requirements for CI or VI.  The clinical experience requirements may be completed at your place of employment or by enrolling in partnering clinical internships offered by different educational facilities.

Course Information

The following courses are offered online and are suggested continuing education for cardiovascular interventional.  For detailed course information please go to: or

  • RSCI:4110 Vascular Anatomy (3 sh)
    Semesters offered: Summer, Fall, and Spring
  • RSCI:4120 CVI Principles (4 sh)
    Semester offered: Summer
  • RSCI:4130 Electrocardiogram and Hemodynamics (3 sh)
    Semesters offered: Spring
  • RSCI:4140 CVI Peripheral Procedures and Pathology (3 sh)
    Semester offered: Fall
  • RSCI:4150 CVI Neuro and Nonvascular Procedures and Pathology (3 sh)
    Semester offered: Fall
  • RSCI:4160 CVI Cardiac Procedures and Pathology (4 sh)
    Semester offered: Spring
  • RSCT:4100 Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Sciences (3sh)
    Semesters offered:  Summer, Fall, Spring