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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The University of Iowa (UI) Radiation Sciences in collaboration with Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Education began offering web-based education through the UI Center for Credit Programs in the Summer 2010. The instructors facilitating these courses are those currently educating students in the University of Iowa DMS Program with adjunct faculty assistance and expertise from sonographers, residents and physicians employed at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and partnering institutions. These distance education courses are part of the continuing education mission of the department. They do not meet the requirements for the BS in Radiation Sciences and do not fulfill requirements for the CAAHEP accredited DMS program.

The courses are entirely internet-based and are designed to provide the student with the information identified in The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) exam content outlines. Coursework is available for Vascular Technology, Breast Sonography and Pediatric Sonography. (see www.ardms.org).

Current certification in sonography with the ARDMS or American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is required to enroll in the courses.

The web-based education offered by the UI Radiation Sciences does not provide the required clinical education to take professional certification examinations and enter the profession. To meet the ARDMS examination prerequisites, students also need to complete clinical ultrasound experience documented by a Clinical Verification Form (see www.ardms.org).

Course Information

The following courses are offered online and are suggested continuing education for diagnostic medical sonography. For detailed course information please go to: https://myui.uiowa.edu/my-ui/courses/dashboard.page or http://catalog.registrar.uiowa.edu/carver-medicine/radiation-sciences/#coursestext  

  • RSCI:4110 Vascular Anatomy (3 sh)
    Semesters offered: Summer, Fall and Spring
  • RSMS:3140 Vascular Sonography I (3 sh)
    Semester offered: Fall
  • RSMS:3270 Vascular Sonography II (3 sh)
    Semester offered: Spring
  • RSMS:3260 Breast Sonography (2 sh)
    Semester offered: Summer
  • RSMS:3300 Pediatric Sonography (3 sh)
    Semester offered: Summer

Suggested Course Sequence


  • RSCI:4110 Vascular Anatomy


  • RSMS:3140 Vascular Sonography I


  • RSMS:3270 Vascular Sonography II


  • RSMS:3260 Breast Sonography
  • RSMS:3300 Pediatric Sonography