Mission, Goals & Student Learning Outcomes | Radiation Sciences Programs

Mission, Goals & Student Learning Outcomes


The program has as its goal the preparation of the individual student radiation therapist to assume duties as a member of the health care team of radiation therapist, radiation oncologist, nurse, and physicist. This health care team provides total quality care for each patient undergoing a prescribed course of treatment using ionizing radiation.

Goals & Learning Outcomes

Goal #1 Students will perform the responsibilities of a Radiation Therapist in competent manner

  • Administer radiation as prescribed by the physician
  • Perform simulation as directed by the physician
  • Safe and correct equipment utilization

Goal #2 Students will demonstrate effective communication skills

  • Demonstrate effective patient contact and communication in the clinical setting
  • Effectively communicate the components of a prescribed course of radiation therapy
  • Students will use presentation skills

Goal #3 Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills

  • Observe the clinical progress of the radiation oncology patient; use clinical decision making skills
  • Demonstrate ability to adapt and learn from new situations
  • Properly employ accessory and immobilization equipment

Goal #4 Students will possess professionalism

  • Students will demonstrate professional behavior
  • Students will understand ethical behavior