About the Office of Research

The Office of Research is the administrative unit charged with providing and coordinating resources for College investigators in both clinical and basic research endeavors. Office staff work with researchers to maintain an environment that is robust, innovative and collaborative, communicate internal and external funding opportunities, and assist in grant proposal routing, award administration and transfer agreements. 

The UI Carver College of Medicine supports state of the art Core Research Facilities, which receive administrative support through the Office of Research. Additional shared resources and facilities are made available to College researchers through agreements with other University of Iowa and off-campus institutions.

On an annual basis, office staff also study and allocate physical research space for over 250 investigator laboratories and advise on facility projects such as renovations and major research-related building projects.

Collaboration is fostered through the office by coordination of research events and activities including the Distinguished Biomedical Scholars Lecture Series, Distinguished Mentor Award, Health Sciences Research Week as well as various special seminars, workshops and symposia throughout the year.

Patricia Winokur, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Science

Robert Piper, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Director, Core Research Facilities

Erin Brothers
Research Administrator

Amber Jackson-Elwer
Adminstrative Services Coordinator