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Structural Biology Interest Group

The Structural Biology Interest Group is formed of faculty, staff and trainees across the United States.  The group meets twice a month for a short presentation and discussion on publications, past research, current research and future ideas in the field.  New additions are welcome. Individuals interested in receiving meeting announcements should email Erin Brothers.  Click on a date or title below to add the meeting to a calendar. 



February 10, 2022: "Architecture and structural mechanisms of a voltage and cyclic nucleotide dependent membrane transporter"
Sandipan Chowdhury, PhD, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, UI Carver College of Medicine

October 28, 2021: "Control of DNA Damage Bypass by Ubiquitylation of PCNA"
Justin Ling, Graduate Student, Washington Lab, UI Carver College of Medicine

July 15, 2021: "Lipoprotein-induced increases in cholesterol and 7-ketocholesterol result in opposite molecular-scale biophysical effects on membrane structure"
Manuela AA Ayee, PhD, Dordt University

July 8, 2021: "Structure similarity-based drug repositioning: TMPRSS2 inhibitor that prevents SARS-CoV-2 infetion"
Young Joo Sun, PhD, Stanford University

June 3, 2021: "Surprising Findings for a Potassium Channel Tetramerization Domain"
Zhen Xu, PhD, UI Protein and Crystallography Facility

May 20, 2021: "Structural Biology of Neurotransmitter Transporters: a Sisyphean Task or a Herculean Labor?"
Dr. Vikas Navaratna, University of Michigan

Protein structure

May 6, 2021: "Direct Detection of Coupled Proton and Electron Transfers in Human Manganese Superoxide Dismutase"
Gloria Borgstahl, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center and UI Alumna 

April 22, 2021: Spring meeting of the Structural Biology Advisory Committee

April 8, 2021: "Comparison of CryoEM and X-ray Structures of Dimethylformamidase"
Ramswamy Subramanian, PhD, Purdue University

March 25, 2021: "GRB2 monomer:dimer equilibrium and implications for T cell function"
Aline Sandouk, CCOM Microbiology & Immunology (Houtman lab)

March 11, 2021: "ALiCE® - Simple reactions - Radical results"
Joanne Walter, LenioBio

December 17, 2020: "Structural and Biophysical Basis of Endo-Membrane Signaling by a Non-Canonical GPCR"
S. Saif Hasan, PhD, University of Maryland
Dr. Amsa Rehman, Postdoc, Hasan Lab

December 3, 2020: "New Lab, New Tools, and New Topoisomerases"
Matthew Schellenberg, PhD, Mayo Clinic

November 19, 2020: "APE1: A DNA Repair Swiss Army Knife"
Amy Whitaker, PhD, Postdoc, Dr. Bret Freudenthal lab, University of Kansas Medical Center

November 5, 2020: "Caught in the Act: CryoEM Structure of Translocating Anthrax Toxin"
Alexandra Machen, MPH, PhD, Dr. Bret Freudenthal lab, University of Kansas Medical Center

October 29, 2020: "Structural basis of nucleosome-dependent cGAS inhibition"Protein structureJoshua Boyer, Research Associate, Dr. Qi Zhang lab, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

October 15, 2020: "Lesion Removal by NEIL DNA Glycosylases from G-quadruplexes is Dictated by Sequence and Position Context"
Elizabeth Lotsof, Graduate Student, Dr. Sheila David lab, University of California Davis

October 1, 2020: Canceled

September 17, 2020: "Structure-based design of prefusion-stabilized CoV spike proteins"
Ching-Lin Hsieh, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, McLellan Lab, University of Texas at Austin

September 3, 2020: "Structural and functional studies of Ric8A: A chaperone and a GEF for hterotrimeric G protein alpha subunits"
Dhiraj Srivastava, PhD, Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

August 20, 2020: "Progress, challenges, and opportunities in cryo-ET" 
Anthony Schuller, PhD, Helen Hay Whitney Fellow (Schwartz Lab), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

August 6, 2020: "In Pursuit of a Structure of Opa1: A Mitochondrial Dynamin-Like GTPase"
Andrew Kehr, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Loras College

July 23, 2020: "Mechanisms of Nucleotide Discrimination by Telomerase" 
Matt Schaich, PhD Candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Dr. Bret Freudenthal Lab), University of Kansas Medical Center

July 9, 2020: "Use NMR Spectroscopy to Address Challenging Structural, Biological, and Metabolic Problems: An Update on CCOM NMR Core Facility Research" 
Liping Yu, PhD, Director, NMR Facility, UI Carver College of Medicine

June 25, 2020: "Nucleosome Assembly State Governs H3 Tail Conformation and Dynamics"
Emma Morrison, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Medical College of Wisconsin

June 11, 2020: "Structural Studies of Mutant PCNA Proteins Defective in Gene Silencing"
Lynne Dieckman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Creighton University

May 28, 2020: "Single Particle CryoEM of Membrane Proteins - Tackling Conformational Heterogeneity"
Sandipan Chowdhury, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, UI Carver College of Medicine

May 14, 2020: "Visualizing Rev1 Catalyze Protein-template DNA Synthesis"Protein structure
Tyler Weaver, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow (Dr. Bret Freudenthal Lab), University of Kansas Medical Center

April 30, 2020: "How to Get Started in Cryo-EM at the University of Iowa"
Nicholas Schnicker, PhD, Technical Director, Protein and Crystallography Facility, UI Carver College of Medicine

April 16, 2020: "UI Cryo-EM at MIT"
Lokesh Gakhar, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology