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University of Iowa Health Care Distinguished Scholars Program

UI Health Care is pleased to announce the Distinguished Scholars Program. The goal of this program is to identify and support outstanding mid-career faculty who are becoming internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields of research.

We are soliciting applications from faculty, supported by nominations from Chairs and/or Center Directors.  For the purposes of this program, “mid-career” is defined as being within 10 years from the time of initial award of tenure.

Award Details:

Distinguished scholars will be appointed for a 3-year term and will receive an investment of $200,000/year to support their research program. Funds cannot be used for direct salary support of the PI. They will undergo an annual review to evaluate progress and determine if goals are being achieved. Ongoing funding will be contingent upon the results of the interim review. In addition, once every three years scholars will be expected to present their research to external reviewers as a part of a Distinguished Scholars Symposium. 

Deadline for Submission: January 31, 2020


After initial vetting by an internal committee (determined by the VPMA), applications will be reviewed by an external advisory committee of distinguished scientists who will be asked to evaluate the candidates for:

  1. Nationally competitive research program with robust independent funding (such as two major grants)
  2. Innovative science that is on the cutting edge of their respective field
  3. Strong and consistent publication record

Application Process:

Candidates should submit a single PDF that includes the following materials through this link: https://uiowa.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1803534

(Please follow NIH page formatting and font size rules)

  1. Two-page proposal that includes:
    1. Description of future research program, including how it builds on/adds to already funded research; and that does not specifically overlap with specific aims of current grant funding
    2. Paragraph describing candidate’s career goals
  2. NIH-style biosketch, expanded to include non-grant sources of funding including philanthropic support and institutional/departmental funds (five-page limit)
  3. List of top 5 publications with brief descriptions (two-page limit)
  4. Nomination letter from Chair and/or Center Director (two-page limit)
  5. Names of 3-5 external references (one-page limit)

Number of Awards:

UI Health Care is committed to supporting a total of 18 scholars by the end of the third year of the program and to sustain this commitment as long as resources permit. While details will be determined by the applications, it is envisioned that ~6 new scholars will be selected per year as we build to 18. Scholars will be eligible to apply for continuation of funding, but their 3-year renewal will be on a competitive basis.


Distinguished scholars will continue to become leaders in their fields, drive innovative research and expand the extramural funding base of the CCOM by increasing extramural grant support not only of their program, but also by catalyzing collaborative programs that will increase the capacity and scope of existing institutes or centers. Scholars are expected to maintain their funding levels throughout and by the end of year 2, they would typically submit federal grant applications incorporating this novel area of research.

Questions should be directed to Erin Brothers, Research Administrator, at erin-brothers@uiowa.edu