Research Bridge Funding

The purpose of bridge funding is to allow continuation of a focused research program that has recently lost extramural funding, and has a strong likelihood of being refunded. Financial support by CCOM is provided in collaboration with matching funds from the faculty member’s department and the VPR’s office.


The applicant:

  1. must be a principal investigator (PI) on the grant to be bridged and a CCOM faculty member. In most cases, the applicant should be on the tenure track. Those on other tracks should communicate with the Dean’s office to confirm eligibility.
  2. must have submitted a grant to renew or replace the grant to be bridged, and have received a score that is likely non-fundable. If the grant is funded after bridge funds have been disbursed, the balance of the bridge funding remaining will be returned upon receipt of the notice of award. PIs that have received R56 funding from the NIH to bridge a grant are eligible for support provided a revised application was submitted during the period of R56 support, and has undergone peer review at NIH.
  3. may have extramural support for other research programs. Bridge funding will be prioritized for those grants that represent the major funding source of the laboratory.
  4. must use bridging funds to support submission of a revised or new grant that has undergone review by a committee of peers and has been reviewed by the COM scientific editing service. A progress report will be requested from all bridge fundees attesting to completion of this requirement.

Grants eligible for bridging:

  1. provide significant funding for research (e.g., NIH R01 or R21, K-awards, or subprojects on U- and P-series; DoD; VA). T32 series are not eligible.
  2. may be competing renewals or new grants.
  3. have ended, are active (but close to termination), or are in no-cost extension. Bridging requests can be submitted in advance of the depletion of funds (i.e. during the latter part of the final budget period or during a no cost extension period). Other sources of funding (remaining start up commitments, pilot funding, etc) will be taken into consideration.
  4. should have a strong likelihood of being refunded or replaced with new funding, based on the critiques in the summary statement of the non-funded grant and a detailed plan for measures the PI will take for a successful revised or new grant application. The past productivity and current progress of the PI will also be considered.


Applicants can request up to the following amounts for 12 months of support:
  • $100,000 per request for R01 and R21s
  • $250,000 for program project grants on which the overall PI is a CCOM faculty member; otherwise bridging will be limited to $100,000 for a component project conducted at the University of Iowa.
  • $50,000 for a K award transitioning to an R award

Application Deadlines:

August 1, December 1, April 1

Apply here:

Questions should be directed to David Bush