UIHC-CCOM Clinical and Educational Projects

The University of Iowa Health Care and the Carver College of Medicine (UIHC-CCOM) announce an internal funding opportunity for UIHC-CCOM investigators seeking support for a small clinical or educational project.

The UIHC-CCOM will award up to $20,000 for each project.  There will be approximately 20-30 projects funded.  Anticipated date of notification to awardees is March 17, 2020.

Due Date: February 17, 2020 Submit application via InfoReady https://uiowa.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1804398

The purpose of this program is to support a small clinical or education project that will result in a publication and potentially external grant funding which will help develop the faculty member’s reputation as a national leader/expert in their field.

This request for proposals is specifically targeted to clinical track faculty in UIHC CCOM at the Assistant and Associate Professor rank who are not federally grant funded as a PI.

These projects can vary in type and scope.  Examples of projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Review article
  • Case Report
  • Case Series
  • Retrospective or Prospective Epi/ prevalence study using existing or prospective clinic/lab data
  • Cross-sectional biomarker study in a patient population
  • Qualitative or survey-based study of a particular patient population or
  • Clinical quality and safety study
  • Variables affecting student success
  • Predictors of student success
  • Evaluation of curriculum/teaching method
  • Working with fellows/residents and/or students is encouraged.

Department and/or CCOM central resources may be useful to investigators.  Support for budget, study design, database, IT, statistical analyses, and/or help with IRB process can be found within departmental resources or through the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. An experienced faculty mentor is strongly advised to help with the project. Projects that only involve existing data, (e.g. review articles, case reports, case series) should propose to have analyses and manuscripts submitted within 6 months; prospective studies may take up to one year.  No progress reports will be required to be submitted, but the submitted or published manuscript will be required within one year of the start of the funding period.


Requirements for Submission:

  1. The proposal should include (two-page limit):
    1. Title: Project Title.  List PI and investigators and anticipated authorship order, department affiliations and contact information. List academic rank in clinical track of PI and investigators if applicable. Also list who will be the faculty mentor for the project.
    2. Specific aims/objectives: (no more than one primary objective, no more than 4 secondary objectives)
    3. Significance: Briefly describe significance of project
    4. Methods: Describe the Methods including patient population, endpoints, sample size, and analysis to be used if applicable.
    5. Pertinent References: if applicable
    6. Resources available: (e.g., space such as clinic/lab, database management, statistical help)
    7. Budget: up to $20,000 maximum (case reports, review articles and case series will be limited to $7500).  Up to $5,000 in salary support for the PI can be included.  Budget should list salary support (no more than $10,000 for personnel, no more than $5,000 for PI); journal submission charges, consultation fees (e.g. biostatistics, data pulls, regulatory support), supplies, lab tests, imaging costs, subject incentives, other expenses.  In rare circumstances, small equipment requests will be considered.
    8. Publication information:
  • One paragraph describing PI’s area of expertise
  • List of authored publications in last 3 years.
  • ORCid that can link to all publications


Questions should be directed to Erin Brothers, Research Administrator, at erin-brothers@uiowa.edu