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Admissions Information

Program Schedule for 2023

Invitations are extended to science departments in primarily undergraduate colleges in Iowa to nominate a faculty member to be a FUTURE in Biomedicine℠ Fellow in the UI Carver College of Medicine. Program dates will be Wednesday, June 1 to Friday, July 28, 2023.

Colleges may nominate more than one individual. Prior to applying, all nominees should have completed a full academic year appointment at that college, and be in good standing at the current time.  For full consideration, all materials need to be submitted electronically to the Carver College of Medicine via the application website by December 30, 2022.

FUTURE Fellows will have an appointment as a full-time research investigator working in the laboratory of a faculty member in the Carver College of Medicine. Fellows will select an undergraduate (a student currently in the freshman, sophomore or junior year of undergraduate training) to participate in the research project with them. 

The FUTURE in Biomedicine℠ program will provide a stipend for the Fellow and residence hall housing for the student. The Fellow and student will participate in the activities of their host laboratory, as well as weekly meetings of the FUTURE Fellows. Fellows will present in two panel discussions. All Fellows and students will share their research findings in a symposium on July 28, 2023.  Both Fellows and students will have full UI library privileges, and will be required to complete safety training appropriate to the host laboratory.

We also offer a Visiting Fellows program for faculty who would like to participate in our weekly professional development activities, but do not wish to do research in Iowa City. This program does not provide a stipend, but does offer other benefits such as a courtesy appointment that permits library use.

Faculty who have previously participated as FUTURE Fellows are eligible to participate again as Senior Fellows in order to continue research on-campus or through long-distance collaborations with a host lab. Peer-reviewed publications and grant applications have arisen from these interactions. See our Impact page for more information. 

For historical reference, the full schedule of summer events from 2021 is available here and the program for the 2021 Research Symposium is available here.

Application Instructions

Interested faculty will initiate an application by providing contact information, and a preferred e-mail address. They will specify the name and E-mail address of the individual nominating them. That person will then receive an E-mail message with a link for uploading a letter (see details below). The nominator may also provide the pdf file to the applicant who may upload it. We ask that nominators refrain from initiating an application under their own name.

Applicants with no prior connections to the University of Iowa are encouraged to apply. Highly ranked applicants will be assisted in making connections with appropriate UI faculty.

The electronic nomination packet will include submission of three files in pdf format as described below.

  1. a nomination letter from a collegiate administrator (President, Dean, Provost, or Department Head) indicating support for the prospective Faculty Fellow to participate with a student, and a commitment to provide a stipend for the student,
  2. a letter of purpose from the applicant describing scientific interests and anticipated impact of the FUTURE in BiomedicineSM Fellowship on their research and educational roles, and
  3. a Curriculum Vitae from the applicant.