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CCOM Informatics Community: Previous Meetings

January 14, 2021: "Maternal Child Datamart"
Mark Santillan, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

February 11, 2021: "Brief Introduction to the CMIO Position"
Jim Blum, MD, UI Health Care Chief Medical Information Officer

March 11, 2021: "Why People with Bipolar Disorder are Less Likely to Contract COVID-19"
Jacob Michaelson, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

April 8, 2021: "Delivering Timely & Relevant Updates on Critically Ill Kids in the PICU (TRUCK-PICU) Project Update"
Christina Cifra, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

May 13, 2021: "Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) and Patients Enhancing Research Collaboration at Holden (PERCH) - Informatics Enhancing Cancer Research"
Kenneth Nepple, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Urology
Donghai Dai, MD, PhD, Visiting Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Matthew Rysavy, MD, PhD, Fellow Physician in Pediatrics

June 10, 2021: "Analytics for Improved Clinical Decision Making" 
Nick Street, PhD, Professor of Business Analytics, Tippie College of Business

July 8, 2021: "PCORnet: An Introduction to National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network" 
Betsy Chrischilles, PhD, Professor and Head of Epidemiology, College of Public Health

August 12, 2021:
Boyd Knosp, MS, FAMIA, Associate Dean for IT
Heath Davis, MS, MLIS, Assistant Director for Biomedical Informatics (ICTS)

September 9, 2021: "CADRE: a Health Services Research & Development Center of Innovation located in the Iowa City VA Health Care System" 
Mary Vaughan-Sarrazin, PhD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

October 14, 2021: "Health Equity-Focused Approaches to Using Complex Clinical Data"
Martha Carvour, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

December 9, 2021: "Operationalizing the Automated Risk-Adjusted Benchmarking System for Antimicrobial Stewardship at Veterans Health Administration"
Michi Goto, MD, MSCI, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

January 13, 2022: "Machine Learning and an Acoustic Biomarker for Predicting Postoperative Gastrointestinal Impairment"
John W. Cromwell, MD, Clinical Professor of Surgery

February 10, 2022: "Clinical Decision Support for Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation"
Lindsey Knake, MD, FAAP, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

March 10, 2022: "Implementation of an Intergenerational Health Knowledgebase"
Donna Santillan, PhD, Research Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

April 14, 2022: "High throughput analysis of Freudian slips to gain insights into mental health"
Jacob Michaelson, PhD, Roy J. Carver Assocaite Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience

May 12, 2022: "Spatial data availability and its utility in analysis of health outcomes"
Margaret Carrell, PhD, Associate Professor of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

June 9, 2022: "Iowa Community Connect Research Network"
James Blum, MD, Associate Professor and Chief Medical Information Officer, UI Health Care

July 14, 2022: "Technology to improve data quality in healthcare"
Juan Pablo Hourcade, PhD, Associate Professor of Computer Science


September 8, 2022: "An overview of CyncHealth - bridging the gap between data and healthcare"
Sarah Jolie, COO, CyncHealth Foundation


October 13, 2022: "Supporting Clinical and Translational Researchers with Electronic Patient Data"
Thomas Campion, PhD, Associate Professor of Research in Population Health Sciences, Weill Cornell Medical College


November 10, 2022: "Using Electronic Health Record Data to Drive an Intelligent Recommender System for the Management of Symptoms in Patients with Cancer"
Stephanie Gilbertson White, PhD, APRN-BC, Associate Professor, Director, PhD Program, University of Iowa College of Nursing


January 12, 2023: "An update on the Iowa Health Data Resource"
Boyd Knosp, MS, FAMIA, Associate Dean for IT and Heath Davis, MS, MLIS, Assistant Director for Biomedical Informatics (ICTS), University of Iowa College of Medicine


February 9, 2023: "Designing a complex neonatal ICU database for internal QI and research network reporting"
Keith Burrell, BA, Senior Application Developer, Health Care Information Systems and Samuel Wong, DO, MS, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics-Neonatology, Stead Family Dept. of Pediatrics


March 9, 2023:  Translational Artificial Intelligence:  "The Need to Translate From Basic Science to Clinical Value"
William Hersh, MD, FACMI, FAMIA, FACP, Professor, Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Medicine


April 13, 2023:  "Combining image and clinical biomarkers to predict asthma progression using machine learning"
Sean B. Fain, PhD, Professor of Radiology - Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Imaging; Vice Chair for Research, Department of Radiology University of Iowa


June 8, 2023:  "Wellmark Data Resources at the Center for Public Health Statistics"
Jake Oleson, PhD, Professor, Director of the Center for Public Health Statistics and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Biostatistics, College of Public Health and Knute Carter, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Center for Public Health Statistics, College of Public Health, University of Iowa


August 10, 2023: "Overview of the Iowa Clinical Trials Management System (I-CTMS)"
Sandra Ahrendsen, Kim Sprenger, Deb O'Connell-Moore, Cena Bitterman-Jones, and Jessica Gallagher, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Iowa


September 14, 2023: "Opportunities in Implementation Science"
Aaron Seaman, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, University of Iowa