Center for Public Health Statistics and Biostatistics Consulting Center

Center for Public Health Statistics and Biostatistics Consulting Center

Within the College of Public Health


Director, Center for Public Health Statistics

Jacob Oleson, PhD
Professor in Biostatistics
(319) 335-7005  

Director, Biostatistics Consulting Center

M. Bridget Zimmerman, PhD
Clinical Professor
(319) 384-1590

Mission/Client Group:

The Center for Public Health Statistics (CPHS) is housed within the College of Public Health and functions collaboratively with collegiate departments and centers, university departments and centers, and outside entities in the collection, analysis and dissemination of public health data. Faculty and staff within CPHS also work with individual researchers on a wide range of topics involving data management and statistical analyses.

The Biostatistics Consulting Center is a unit within the Biostatistics Department of the College of Public Health. This Center provides expert biostatistical consulting to health-science researchers in the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM), as well as in several additional colleges of the University of Iowa (Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Liberal Arts and Sciences).


Both Centers provide a variety of data management and statistical analysis services – from support with simple data preparation to projects requiring full-time statisticians – and can help you find and perform the appropriate statistical procedures for your data. We work with investigators during all phases of health science research. Should expertise in a specific analytic area be required, faculty in the Department of Biostatistics are available as consultants to Center staff, as well as to all faculty, staff, and students. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Data Management and Compilation
    • Development of efficient data management strategies
    • Assistance with development of data forms or questionnaires
    • Entry of data and design of forms
  • Power Calculations
    • Study design
    • Sample size and power calculations
    • Simulation studies
    • Effect size calculations
  • Data visualization
    • Writing of reports for scientific publication
    • Development of data forms or questionnaire reporting
  • Statistical Analysis (selection and performance of analyses most appropriate for collected data)
    • General statistics including ANOVA and regression
    • Longitudinal data analysis of repeated measures linear and non-linear mixed models
    • Hierarchical linear mixed models
    • Survival analysis
    • Sample survey analysis
    • Spatial statistics
    • Bayesian methods of analysis
  • Software Development / Assistance
    • With tools including: R, SAS, SPSS, Open BUGS, SQL, SEER*Stat 
  • Public Health Program Evaluation

How to engage our services:

To formally request our services, please submit a Support Request through University Workflow. If you do not have a HawkID please contact us using regular email at

Consulting Fees

Service Provided by Biostatistics graduate student

staff (under faculty supervision)
Provided by Faculty
Initial 1-hour consultation Free Free
     For College of Public Health students:    
          First 5 hours beyond initial consultation Free $120/hour
          Subsequent hours $40/hour $120/hour
     For all other University of Iowa students $40/hour $120/hour
     For all other Iowa affiliates $70/hour $120/hour
     For non-Iowa affiliates $120/hour $120/hour
Long term discounts for work by graduate students    
     10 hours/week $2100/month n/a
     20 hours/week $4000/month n/a

Bridget Zimmerman, PhD

Bridget obtained her PhD in Statistics in 1987. She has served as Director of the Biostatistics Consulting Center since 1990, and has decades of expertise in consulting for biomedical studies, particularly in sample size and power, longitudinal data analysis, and logistic regression models.

Jacob Oleson, PhD

Jacob obtained his PhD in Statistics in 2002, and has been in the Department of Biostatistics and the CPHS at Iowa since 2004. He became Director of CPHS in 2015. His research expertise is in infectious disease modeling, disease mapping, longitudinal modeling, and small area estimation. He collaborates extensively with research in speech, language, and hearing, as well as in epidemiology.

Knute Carter, PhD

Knute obtained his PhD in Biostatistics in 2013, and has been the Deputy Director of CPHS since 2016. His research expertise is in predictive modeling and model selection.

Grant Brown, PhD

Grant obtained his PhD in Biostatistics in 2015, and has been affiliated with CPHS since 2010. His research expertise is in epidemic modeling, spatial and spatiotemporal statistics, Bayesian inference, statistical computing, and statistical/machine learning.

Jacob Clark, MPH

Jacob obtained his MPH in Quantitative Methods from the Department of Biostatistics at Iowa in 2017, and has been a CPHS staff biostatistician ever since. His primary interests are in public health data visualization.

Caitlin Ward, MS

Caitlin received her MS in Biostatistics in 2018 and is currently in the PhD program in biostatistics, studying infectious disease modeling. Caitlin has been with CPHS and the BCC since 2016.

Amy Hahn, MS

Amy received her MS in Biostatistics in 2017 and is currently in the PhD program in biostatistics, studying disease mapping. Amy has been with CPHS and the BCC since 2015.

Felix Pabon-Rodriguez, MS

Felix received his MS in Statistics from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez in 2018 and he worked in the estimation of epidemiological parameters for an infectious disease. He is currently in the MS program in biostatistics. Felix has been with CPHS and the BCC since 2018.