Best Consulting Provider Award

This award is given to an individual in recognition of his or her outstanding consulting or specialized services to the inpatient and ambulatory surgery patients of UI Health Care.

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2018 Winner

 Jonathan Simmons, DO, Anesthesia

Jonathan Simmons was a key consultant in the creation of the Special Isolation Unit (SIU) and serves as its medical director. The SIU was designed to care for extremely infectious patients (e.g., those with Ebola virus infection) who require the highest possible level of medical care and isolation. With the creation of the SIU, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics was designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a State Designated Ebola Treatment Center and now also serves as the back up to the University of Nebraska Biocontainment Center for Region VII. 

2017 Winner

Zuhair Ballas, MD, Internal Medicine

Zuhair Ballas is sometimes referred to as the “Dr. House” of UI Hospitals and Clinics. An outstanding clinician who is always willing to teach, he does a profound analysis of the patient and considers all the possible differential diagnoses, whether they fall within his specialty or not. He excels at obtaining detailed histories from his patients. Even if he believes that a patient’s condition might not be related to an autoimmune disorder, he provides a clear explanation and potential differentials. He is very helpful with complicated cases involving many consultants, when it can be difficult to establish priorities and define an appropriate work-up plan. In addition, he is truly involved in the care of the patient while respectful of his consultant role. He will always discuss his thought process and care plan with the primary team and provide a valuable teaching experience.

2016 Winner

Michael Goodheart, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology

2015 Winner

Milena A. Gebska, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

2014 Winner

Michelle Fang, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

Colleen Stockdale, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

2013 Winner

Mark Smith, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

As the primary oncology consultant for the neurosurgical team, Dr. Mark Smith is often the physician who has to deliver the difficult news to patients and families as biopsy results return, and explain the upcoming management plan. He is an exceptional clinician, and his patients and families repeatedly describe him as caring, empathetic, and an excellent communicator. His colleagues appreciate and respect his opinion and representation at tumor board. He has a quiet demeanor and is humble; thus his impact is underappreciated.  

2012 Winner

Ann Broderick, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

Dr. Ann Broderick is director of the Palliative Care Program, which is highly regarded for responding promptly to physicians' requests for consultations and delivering compassionate care to patients with serious illnesses and their families. 

Ann Broderick

2011 Winner

Frank Mitros, MD 

Professor of Pathology

Dr. Frank Mitros has worked at UI Hospitals and Clinics for over 30 years, and in that time has served as the "the ultimate" consultant to his colleagues. Among his many attributes in his willingness to consult when he's not "on-call," whether its after hours or on the weekends. Dr. Mitros' knowledge, dedication to patients, willingness to go the extra mile, and ability to educate place him in the most elite category. 

Frank Mitros