Innovations in Clinical Care Award

The Innovations in Clinical Care Award is given to an individual or team for implementation of an innovative new program or process that improves service to patients.

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2023 Winner

Monika Jindal, MD; Victoria Tann, MD; and Kumi Yuki, MD (Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic team), Family Medicine

The Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) clinic in the Department of Family Medicine created and managed by Monika Jindal, MD; Victoria Tann, MD; and Kumi Yuki, MD, is a unique model of care to improve access for mental health care for UIHC patients while expanding provider knowledge and comfort with behavioral health care and treatment. It also serves to educate the primary care workforce (Family Medicine residents) to address the mental health needs of our patient population. Through their work with the IBH model, Jindal, Tann, and Yuki have positively impacted our patients by decreasing wait times and improving diagnostics and medication access for mental health patients—making a difference for both patients and providers. Additionally, through their educational efforts they have positively impacted future patients through outreach in trainees graduating and providing care through Iowa and the nation.

2022 Winner

International Family Medicine Clinic 

The family medicine physicians who founded the International Family Medicine Clinic recognized an unmet need, engaged with members of the community, and thoughtfully crafted a program that provides culturally humble care. The International Family Medicine Clinic was started by four physicians from the Department of Family Medicine in March 2020. The creation of the specialized evening clinic at UI Health Care–Scott Blvd was prompted by the growth of the African population in Johnson County and the observation that, as an institution, we frequently miss opportunities to provide high-quality medical care to African immigrants. Recognizing that the growing immigrant and refugee population in the area has both special healthcare needs as well as significant barriers to accessing healthcare, the aims of the clinic are two-fold – to create an initial access point for new immigrant patients (primarily of Congolese origin) and to become their primary care home.

2021 Winner

Anureet Walia, MD and Krista Kohl, PhD, Anesthesia and Pediatrics

The Pediatric Comprehensive Pain Clinic at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is one of the very few pediatric pain clinics around the country following a true multidisciplinary design that includes an interventional pain physician (Dr. Walia), a physiotherapist and a child psychologist (Dr. Krista Kohl), and an integrative medicine specialist, all managing the pediatric chronic pain patient in a collaborative multifaceted manner. It is one of very few pediatric pain clinics offering interventional/procedural options for the management of chronic pain in children, with a goal to improving their lifestyle and functioning. In addition to providing state of the art pediatric pain treatment services, the Clinic opens avenues for cross departmental collaboration, education and research, where providers and students from every discipline can learn from the other.

2020 Winner

Katherine L. Imborek, MD, Family Medicine and Bradley Ford, Pathology

“The innovative ILI Telemedicine Clinic began on March 10, 2020, just seven days after it was approved,” wrote one nominator. “This is a testament to the tireless work of HCIS, PAC, and our clinical leaders.” 

2019 Winner

Muneera Kapadia, MD, Surgery

Muneera Kapadia goes above and beyond in her efforts to provide the best care for patients and teach resident physicians and medical students. Her dedication is seen in her daily practice and the many initiatives she takes on to improve the quality of care at the University of Iowa. Her innovative work as a leader and instructor of the Provider Communication Program for practicing clinicians has an impact across the entire health care organization. In addition, she developed and implemented a communication education curriculum for surgery residents utilizing standardized patients. Kapadia’s efforts have earned her recognition among her peers and her patients for using effective communication skills to foster empathy and understanding and to strengthen the doctor- patient relationship.

2018 Winner

The Prostate Biopsy Team, which includes Chad Tracy, MD, and Paul Gelhaus, MD, from the Department of Urology, and Catherine Metz, MD, and Maheen Rajput, MD, from the Department of Radiology

The team acquired the first fusion biopsy machine for prostate biopsy for the state of Iowa and local region. Since implementation in 2017, the team has done more than 200 biopsies on patients from Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Missouri. To further improve the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, these clinical faculty members formed a multispecialty committee of radiologists and urologists that now meets every six weeks to review cases for quality improvement and review current literature.

2017 Winner

Janet Andrews, MD, and the Perinatal Diabetes Program, Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Perinatal Diabetes Program team is led by Janet Andrews with strong support from Diedre Fleener, RN, and Julie Neuzil, RN. The program was instituted in 2016, making it easier for pregnant women with diabetes to communicate with their obstetric providers. Patients are given an advanced blood glucose meter that automatically sends results to their care team; no manual tracking is necessary. The program helps minimize the occurrence of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes associated with diabetes during pregnancy. This care redesign project uses an “integrated practice unit” model of team-based care combined with innovative remote monitoring (Telcare) technology to better the health of patients, improve outcomes, and lower the total cost of care. These efforts have led to a significant improvement in diabetic control and an improvement in maternal and neonatal outcomes.

2016 Winner

Ron Abrons, MD, Anesthesia

2015 Winner

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Clinic (LGBTQ)
Katie Imborek, MD; Nicole Nisly, MD; Michelle Miller, PharmD

2014 Winner

Rebecca Benson, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

2013 Winner

Mohammed Milhem, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

As deputy director for clinical cancer services at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa, Dr. Mohammed Milhem is one of the most innovative and successful clinicians in the department. In the past year, he has created new, and revitalized existing, multidisciplinary oncology groups, or MOGs. Under his direction, three types of MOGs (tumor boards, research groups, teaching conferences) have flourished, strengthening the interdisciplinary management of patients and research activities including clinical trials. His organizational and leadership skills are considerable and not only raise the bar in oncology services but also inspire other clinical disciplines.  

2012 Winner

Scott Wilson, DO
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine

As director of the Hospitalist Program, which is comprised of more than 30 physicians, Dr. Scott Wilson has been at the forefront of efforts to better manage and coordinate the care for hospitalized patients, particularly the acutely ill.

Scott Wilson

2011 Winner

Patrick Brophy, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Patrick Brophy's leadership and creativity have led to a resurgence of pediatric nephrology at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and his efforts have resulted in the development of a re-energized pediatric inpatient program, as well as the pediatric renal transplantation program. Dr. Brophy and his team dedicate themselves every day to meeting the needs of pediatric patients with acute and chronic renal failure.

Patrick Brophy