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In-Stock Adenovirus Products


Our Adenovirus is available in regular and high titer.

All of our controls are available in 1mL aliquots, but only some are available in 100uL aliquots.

This virus will be provided in A-195 buffer.



Titer infectious units / mL Volume
Regular 1e+10 to 7e+10 pfu/ml 1,000uL
High 8e+10 to 3e+11 pfu/ml 1,000uL





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You can browse/order our Adenovirus In-Stock Products here.

*Listed prices are for non-profit customers only, additional fees may apply.

**Please note, if you have used our iLabs system in the past, you will need to create a new account to order in-stock products from our new system.

 ***Custom vector orders still need to be submitted in iLabs.

Vectors are stocked based on supply and demand and may not be readily available but can be made "Upon Request".   Most vectors with a catalog number are kept in stock but please call 319-335-6726 or email vectors@uiowa.edu for the latest availability as stock amounts are always changing.

Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery of out-of-stock or "Upon Request" vectors. 

We are also able to offer a number of vectors utilizing commonly studied genes of interest with permission or a three-way MTA from the original investigator. Please inquire.