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Custom Baculovirus Constructs

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Baculovirus System

The vectors are prepared by a single baculovirus infection in SF-9 insect cells. The baculovirus system is compatible with our shuttle plasmids based on the pFastBac backbone engineered with AAV ITRs by Dr. Robert Kotin or with the Invitrogen pFastBac or pFastBac Dual plasmids.

Sample required: 10 µg of  plasmid expressing the gene of interest at a concentration greater than 0.25 µg/µl.

Timeline: 5-6 weeks from the time the plasmid is received depending on the current queue.

Services include:

  • Transposition.
  • Transfection for construction of Baculovirus stock.
  • Titer of P1 baculovirus stock. Amplification to P2 baculovirus stock and titer if needed.
  • Baculovirus infection for large-scale amplification. The minimum volume ordered must be 200 ml. Volumes of 500 ml to 2 L can be routinely handled in our production facility. Larger orders should be discussed with the Core Director.
  • Material provided depends on the end product desired. This can be the supernatant, cell pellet, or sucrose concentrated baculovirus stock. Projects can be discussed and custom designed with the staff or director at the Viral Vector Core.

Plasmids: Any of our in-house pFBAAV plasmids can be used depending on the application. Please visit the AAV plasmid shuttle page. Alternatively, pFastBac or pFastBac Dual without AAV ITRs can be ordered directly from Invitrogen.

Cost-please contact us at vectors@uiowa.edu