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Ordering Custom Vaccinia Constructs

Vaccinia1. Click on the link at the top of the page to register for an iLabs Account.

2. Log into the iLabs Website.

3. Select the New Constructs and Miscellaneous Services only bar under the Request Services Tab. Have your sequence, map, digest, and gene information prepared. It is imperative that we follow NIH guidelines for recombinant DNA technology. Therefore, all work must be approved by our Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee. Complete gene information must be completed on the Service Request Form. University of Iowa Investigators need a copy of the approved rDNA form. If you are requesting a vector that expresses siRNA, include the information of the gene to which the siRNA is directed.

4. Select New Constructs and Misc. Services, which drops down a menu. Select the virus you want to make and click Initiate Request.

5. Fill in the Services Request Form. Save the form. Submit the project.

6. Please provide PO# or credit card information at the time order is placed. Order will not be processed without payment information. If your institution requires a quote prior to processing the PO, contact the Viral Vector Core at (vectors@uiowa.edu) or 319-335-6726. For security purposes, please DO NOT submit credit card information in iLabs or via e-mail. Fax credit card information at 319-335-6895 using the credit card information form

7. A $25 Packing and Handling fee is added to all orders. FedEx dry ice shipping fees are added unless a FedEx account number is provided. International shipments can also be arranged by the investigator through World Courier.

  • Domestic dry ice shipping fee: $50
  • International dry ice shipping fee: $275