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Ordering Custom Baculovirus Constructs

Baculovirus1. Projects should be discussed with the staff or director at the Viral Vector Core in advance. We are happy to work with investigators interested in expressing high levels of recombinant protein in serum free media or investigators who wish to concentrate baculovirus stock for mammalian gene therapy projects. Please call 319-335-6726.

2. Have your sequence, maps, digest, and gene information (including NCBI number) prepared. It is imperative that we follow NIH guidelines for recombinant DNA technology. Therefore, all work must be approved by our Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee. Complete gene information must be completed on the Service Request Form. University of Iowa Investigators need a copy of the approved rDNA form.

3. Ordering is placed online at through iLabs Solutions. Please click the link at the top of the page.

4. Register for an iLabs Account.

5. Log into the iLabs Website

6. Under the Request Services tab, select the New Constructs and Miscellaneous Services only bar

7. Select Baculovirus (New Constructs and Miscellaneous Services only).