Contact Information and Forms

Information on the  Deeded Body Program

UI Carver College of Medicine

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology  

51 Newton Road

100 Bowen Science Building

Iowa City, Iowa 52245

Phone: (319) 335-7762 


Information on eye donation

Iowa Lions Eye 

BankBioVentures Center 

2500 Crosspark Road, W300 

Coralville, IA 52241 

Phone: (319) 335-4888 or 24-Hour Phone: (866) 435-7733 (866-HELP-SEE)

A body remains useful for medical education and research if eyes have been donated.

Deeded Body Forms

If you would like to donate your body to the University of Iowa Deeded Body program, please complete the forms below.

Print TWO copies of the appropriate Deed of Disposition form from among those below; mail one to the Deeded Body Program (51 Newton Road, 100 Bowen Science Building, Iowa City, Iowa 52245) and keep the other for your records.

• Deed of Disposition

Please use this form if you are the individual donating.


• Deed of Disposition by Next of Kin

Please use this form if you are the LEGAL NEXT OF KIN for the individual donating.


• Deed of Disposition by Power of Attorney

Please use this form if you have the LEGAL AUTHORIZED POWER OF ATTORNEY for the individual donating.  If the power of attorney is signing the authorization to donate please provide a copy of the Power of Attorney document for the Deeded Body Program files.

• Donor Information Document

• Final Disposition Option Form

Print ONE copy of the medical history form complete it to the best of your ability, and mail it to the Deeded Body Program with the Deed of Disposition; deeds will not be reviewed and considered for acceptance if incomplete. 

Medical History Form: Must be completed by or on behalf of any individual who will be donating.