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Comprehensive Examination (Year 2, Fall, October)

  • The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your comprehensive understanding and application of the anatomical sciences.  ou will receive 4-6 prompts for which you must construct written narrative responses that clearly demonstrate the anatomical concepts (with supporting details) across the areas included in the prompt (e.g., gross anatomy, histology, embryology, imaging, neuroanatomy, teaching theory, teaching practice). You will receive feedback on your submission and then will be scheduled for an oral defense. Successful completion of this requirement is determined by MCA Faculty.


Research/Education Project Presentation (Year 2, Fall, November)

  • Involvement in research is a requirement for completion of the program.  You will submit an abstract about your completed research and provide a 10-12 minute presentation outlining the major idea (hypothesis), methods, results, and conclusions.