Research/Education Project Presentation (Year 2, Fall, November)

  • Involvement in research is a requirement for completion of the program.  You will submit an abstract about your completed research and provide a 10-12 minute presentation outlining the major idea (hypothesis), methods, results, and conclusions.

Capstone Project (Year 2, Fall, December)

The Capstone Project is the final formal piece of assessment that you are required to pass to graduate from the MCA program. It represents the integration of the anatomical sciences in terms of both teaching and research as a culmination of your studies in gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, and embryology.  The capstone project tells the story of your own unique experience of learning and development in the anatomical sciences; it provides evidence of your integrated understanding of the anatomical sciences; and it allows you to demonstrate the skills that you have developed on your journey through the production and submission of an original body of work.  Once your capstone project proposal has been approved by the advisory committee (September), you must complete the project with the anticipation of providing a final oral presentation (December) which addresses the following:

  1.  Question/Problem Identification
  2.  Anatomical Sciences Integration
  3.  Project Development
  4.  Impact (Goal) Reflection