Martin Cassell, PhD

  • Delineating the microcircuitry and network organization of brain systems involved in emotion and emotion-linked associative learning
  • Vascular supply of the human central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Functional neuroanatomy of the brain renin-angiotensin system

C. Andrew Frank, PhD

  • Use of electrophysiology to understand the phenomenology and molecular mechanisms that underlie synaptic homeostasis, and the maintenance of stable synapse function

Nicholas Pantazis, PhD

  • Molecular mechanism(s) underlying alcohol-induced neuronal death in the developing brain
  • The roles of calcium, nitric oxide, and growth factors in protecting the developing brain against alcohol-induced neurodegeneration

Marc Pizzimenti, PhD

  • Biomechanical implications of motor deficits on movement control as the result of stroke
  • Delineating the degree to which recovery of movement is enhanced with treatment