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Help Our Students Travel (HOST) Program

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The Help Our Students Travel (HOST) Program connects current UI Carver College of Medicine students and trainees exploring residency and fellowship opportunities with alumni "hosts" around the country. 

In-person program  

For alumni, it’s a great way to serve their medical school alma mater and help current students. The alumni provide the students with lodging in their homes, offer information and advice about their local communities, and share their residency and fellowship experiences.  

For students and trainees, it’s valuable, real-world advice and insight as they prepare to interview for residency and fellowship positions. It’s also a great way to save on some travel-related expenses. 

Virtual program 

Created during last year’s pandemic when travel was not an option, the Virtual HOST Program connects students and alumni via email, videoconferencing, and online panel discussions. 

A sincere thank-you all our Carver College of Medicine alumni who have welcomed students into your communities. Your insights and expertise help our students and trainees make important educational and career decisions regarding medical specialties and practice sites. 


Interested in hosting and/or connecting with a UI Carver College of Medicine student interviewing with a residency or fellowship program in your city? Register today, or email medicine-alumni@uiowa.edu to learn more. 


Applying outside of Iowa City? Ask our alumni about their experiences.

If you are a student or trainee looking for a host and/or if you want to know more about a community that interests you, connect with one of our HOST Program alumni. UI Carver College of Medicine alumni are located all over the United States.

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