Changes to Medical Student Curriculum

New 2-week and 4-week Medical Student curriculum rolls out January 8th!  We’ve made changes to our 2-week Clinical Anesthesia, and 4-week Anesthesia Senior Medical Student clerkships, and these will roll out with the start of the new semester January 8th. The new changes were developed by Dr. Sapna Ravindranath (2-week rotation), and Dr. Andrew Feider (4-week rotation). 

The 2-week rotation format is changing from daily didactic lectures to pre-recorded lectures for students to watch, with daily PBLD sessions with departmental clinical providers.  We’ve also selected a new textbook, and have made Clinical Anesthesia Fundamentals available to all students online. Our 2-week clerkship will focus on basic anesthesia practice and principles, while the 4-week rotation will now focus on sub-specialties, such as cardiothoracic, obstetric, pediatric, neuro, and acute pain and regional anesthesia.  The 4-week clerkship will, for the first time, include didactic lectures which will also be pre-recorded, as well as a Pathways to Residency lecture, with twice a week PBLD sessions. Rather than a written case report, the final project for the 4-week rotation will require students to present a short PowerPoint case presentation. 

We’re excited about these changes, and believe students will benefit from and enjoy the new formats.  More information will be forthcoming soon to clinical providers about opportunities to facilitate PBLD sessions.  Thanks to Drs. Feider and Ravindranath for all their hard work in developing this new curriculum, and the support and invaluable input from Drs. Wong and Szeluga!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018