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Dr. John H. Tinker Faculty Support Fund

John Tinker

Thank you for your generous support of the Department of Anesthesia through your donation to the Dr. John H. Tinker Faculty Support Fund. These funds help us bring outstanding speakers in the field of anesthesiology to the University of Iowa, in order to further enrich the department. As you well know, Dr. Tinker played a key role in shaping the Department of Anesthesia and its curriculum, caring for thousands of UI Health Care’s most medically challenging patients, as well as mentoring and training scores of young physicians. Your generosity in memory of Dr. Tinker will help strengthen our great department!  Thank you for your contributions!

Cynthia A. Wong, M.D.
Chair and Departmental Executive Officer                                                                                                  

Alan Ross, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Adult Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Our generous supporters include:

  • Mrs. Bonnie J. Tinker
  • Mr. James H. Miller and Mrs. Marianne Tinker Miller
  • Dr. Niels F. and Martha Jensen
  • Mr. John W. Colloton
  • Drs. Franklin and Elisabeth Dexter
  • Dr. Cynthia Wong
  • Dr. Alan and Mrs. Mary Beth Ross
  • Dr. David J. and Mrs. A. Larissa Egli
  • Dr. Thomas O. Reeds
  • Dr. Brent A. Hadder
  • Dr. Anil A. Marian
  • Dr. David W. Kaczka and Mrs. Monica L. Hawley
  • Dr. Paula R. and Mr. Vincent J. McFadden
  • Drs. William K. Rogers and Sarah Wernimont
  • Dr. Bradley L. Johnson and Mrs. Deborah Schweppe Johnson
  • Dr. Elizabeth Uhrig Schneider
  • Dr. Christine M. and Mr. Gregg A. Botkin
  • Dr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Jacqueline R. Brennan
  • Drs. Gregory B. McComas and Vilija N. Avizonis
  • Dr. Roger J. and Mrs. Kay Pede
  • Dr. Mindy and Mr. Chad A. Seering
  • Dr. Craig L and Mrs. Teresa L. Carlson
  • Dr. Emine O. and Mr. Levent Bayman
  • Dr. Timothy P. and Mrs. Melinda L. Graham
  • Dr. Ronald M. and Mrs. Ruth Knutson
  • Dr. David S. and Ms. Rosanne T. Warner
  • Dr. Bradley J. and Mrs. Jo Ann K. Hindman
  • Drs. F. Christopher and Laurie G. Massa
  • Dr. Philip J. McArdle
  • Dr. Kent S. and Mrs. Rebecca R. Pearson
  • Drs. Norman J. and Kaydell L. Boucher
  • Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Kimberly Franklin
  • Drs. Mary C. Kemen and Brian C. Randall
  • Dr. Sundar Krishnan and Ms. Ansuya Nassen
  • Dr. Ronald Lind
  • Dr. Mark C. and Mrs. Roxann R. Steine
  • Dr. Roger D. Kinkor and Ms. Maureen E. McGarry
  • Dr. James H. and Mrs. Kelly E. Bartlett
  • Dr. James C. Karn and Ms. Barbara A. Green-Karn
  • Dr. Mark J. Kellen
  • Dr. Karen L. Boland
  • Dr. Jon E. Quinn
  • Dr. Clarita G. Amurao
  • Dr. Max T. Baker
  • Dr. Linda M. Cintron
  • Dr. Lowell A. Boehland
  • Dr. David L. Dull
  • Dr. Marvin L. and Mrs. Martha C. Shapiro
  • Dr. Robert P. and Mrs. Louise A. From
  • Mrs. Venita M. Currie
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Hoss-Sabers
  • Ms. Mary L. Pevestorf
  • Dr. Julie D. and Mr. Brian L. Cassaidy
  • Dr. John B. and Mrs. Janet S. Kazwell
  • Mrs. Janice Y. Nyhus
  • Drs. Patrick G. and Therese G. Halbur
  • Dr. Roger H. and Mrs. Sandra S. Grandgenett
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Phyllis Crom
  • Dr. Won Choi
  • Dr. Bob From
Thursday, June 1, 2017