APP Critical Care Fellowship

The UIHC Critical Care APP Fellowship is a one-year post-graduate fellowship designed to give Advanced Practice Providers the tools to practice at the highest level of their license within any critical care environment. We aim to equip the next generation of critical care APPs with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional patient care by using evidence-based medicine and exposing them to a diverse patient population within a tertiary care center.


A program designed to gain exposure, confidence, and experience as an Acute Care APP with the intention of becoming a well-rounded provider that will be able to care for the critically ill.  This program is well-suited to new graduates or currently practicing providers that wish to gain more experience in critical care.

Throughout the fellowship, you will:  

  • gain an understanding of the roles of different teams and an awareness of self within the broader healthcare system, encompassing internal and surgical medicine
  • develop professional interdisciplinary communications
  • develop compassionate and effective communication with patients and families regarding patient education and end-of-life discussions
  • gain exposure and practice skills that would offer you experience to be able to practice at the highest scope of your license
  • be part of an academic medical environment, working closely with residents, APPs, and staff physicians from all specialties in a level 1 Trauma center
  • participate in didactic lectures with critical care/pulmonary MD/DO fellows 
  • present and diagnose critically ill patients to the ICU team 
  • gain procedural skills that will allow you to best care for your patients, such as central line and arterial line insertion intubation, and many more  
  • be awarded a certificate upon completion of the fellowship program, signed by both the Medical and Surgical program directors

“I accepted a fellowship position because I was interested in the opportunity to further my knowledge base outside of my degree to feel more comfortable independently managing patients as a new nurse practitioner. My background prior to starting the fellowship had been in emergency medicine so I was grateful to the fellowship because it helped me gain exposure to services in the hospital that I might not have otherwise been able to round with and learn from during my clinical experiences."

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Emmarie Poolman, DNP, AGACNP

Jacob Breitbach, PA-C, MPAS


We are currently taking applicants for 2024.

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Clinical Rotations

Sample Rotations/Electives 

(Depending on individual goal/background electives and dedicated time can be adjusted)

ICU Rotations
  • Medical ICU: 4 months (divided throughout the year) 
  • Surgical and Neuroscience ICU: 4 months (divided throughout the year) 
  • Surgical and Medical Cardiovascular ICU: 6 weeks 
Other Rotations & Electives
  • Inpatient Palliative Care 
  • Airway training in the OR with Anesthesia 
  • Inpatient Renal  
  • Inpatient Infectious disease 
  • Ultrasound/ECHO Technician  
  • Radiology  
  • Trauma Surgery 
  • And more!
Procedural Skills
  • Central line insertion 
  • Arterial line insertion 
  • Endotracheal Intubation 
  • Bedside ultrasound for hemodynamic assessment and FAST exam 
  • Chest tube insertion 
  • Paracentesis 
  • Lumbar puncture 
  • Bronchoscopy 
  • Ventilator management 
Didactic Offerings
  • Critical care reading club with Critical Care Fellows 
  • Pulmonary conference/meeting weekly 
  • Mortality and Morbidity review  
  • Presentation of at least 2 critical care case studies 

Our Team

Emmarie Poolman, DNP, AGACNP
Jacob Bretibach, PA-C, MPAS