• 1984

    Max Baker, PhD, creates one of only 3 labs to study the biochemistry of anesthetics; James Bates, MD PhD, and John Tinker, MD, join the research.


    Javier Campos, MD, expert in one-lung ventilation, author of chapter in Miller Anesthesia, joins Department; Ambulatory Surgery Center opens.

  • 1988

    2-person hyperbaric oxygen chamber installed.

  • 1989

    UI is the first hospital in the world to administer desflurane to a patient receiving coronary bypass surgery.


    Franklin Dexter, MD, PhD, FASA, begins developing the science of operating room management to increase efficiency and improve work flow.

  • 1995

    Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) service expands to accommodate 8 patients; SRNA program created; Pain Clinic becomes largest integrated pain clinic in the U.S.


    Department begins high-fidelity patient simulator program, one of only 20 such programs in the U.S.


    Michael Todd, MD, receives $11 million from NIH to conduct the Intraoperative Hypothermia for Aneurysm Surgery Trial (IHAST), the largest grant award to an anesthesiologist up to 1999. The data leads to a 5-year NIH-funded international cooperative trial at more than 30 sites. (Michael Todd MD, Bradley Hindman, MD, James Torner, MD, William R. Clarke, MD)


    Donna Hammond, PhD, is named Vice Chair of Research for the Department, the first woman to hold a Vice Chair leadership position.

  • 2002

    PreOperative Evaluation Clinic opens.