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About Us

**Ethics in Healthcare Conference **

As you know, the current public health emergency is causing changes for everyone. Here at the University of Iowa, to protect everyone's health, we are significantly limiting all face-to-face meetings and canceling group events until further notice. 

Thank you for your understanding and we seriously hope that you will join us for a future conference when it is safe to do so.

About Us

With the steady introduction of more treatment options and biotechnologies, an increasing number and range of ethical challenges in health care are emerging. This conference is designed to help professionals meet these challenges through their work as clinicians, members of ethics committees or ethics consult teams, and administrators. 

We seek to provide up-to-date information in healthcare ethics relevant to clinical practice; provide approaches to ethical reasoning that clarify ethical problems; facilitate professional discusion of ethical challenges and decision making in healthcare;and encourage professional networking for ongoing dialogue, support, and collaboration.

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Topics of interest for Future Conferences

Are there topics that you would like to see addressed in future conferences?  If so, please let us know your idea(s) by sending an email to bioethics@healthcare.uiowa.edu